Scaling selection of keyframes

Hey dear Notch-Team,

is there a way to scale a selection of keyframes in the curve editor? Let’s say I want to have a specific animation play twice as fast. How do I scale down a set of keyframes proportionally? I saw that there is a button “Stretch selected Keys” in the curve-editor-toolbar but it seems to do nothing…

Thx for help!

Not currently possible, but for the next release keyframing is getting a massive overhaul. I can’t speak to specific features (yet!) but this is totally being addressed.

– Ryan

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Okay, thanks for the info Ryan.
Looking forward to the next update then :smiley:
It seems like a basic thing to me but I also was astounded beeing the first one to ask for it…

Thanks for the info anyway!

I was right behind you! You’re not alone :slight_smile:

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