Curve Editor handles

Is there a way to move multiple keyframes handles at the same time while locking the angle? For example, in after effects curve editor I believe you can hit alt and then when you drag your selected keyframes’ handles they can stay locked at a straight angle, but can be dragged out to change the curve, and that can be done to multiple keys at the same time. Thanks!

This isn’t possible at present, but we are looking to do some major overhauls to the curve editor for the next release so I’ll make sure this feedback is looked into.

– Ryan

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Thanks for the response!

I would like to see this as well! Also the possibility to move keyframes along the timeline while in the curve editor, it’s not very efficient having to go back and forth to the timeline

You can do this by pressing the Alt key before clicking and dragging, without Alt, as I’m sure you’re aware, it changes the value (up and down on the graph)