Copy/Paste keyframes

Hello! Is the any way to copy/paste keyframes on selected layer like in AE? Ideally will be nice if I can copying and paste the group on selected keyframes from different chanels (pos,rot,scale) and paste them in expected places on timeline after time needle.

Do you have any examples of the AE workflow? I can copy and paste keyframes around fine locally, so I’m curious as to what you are looking for specifically.

– Ryan

ae_keyframe copy-paste


Hi Ryan! Thanks for the answer! I try to describe.
In AE when I select keyframes, for example on position channel (Ctrl+C), and after paste them (Ctrl+V) I get a copy of previously selected keyframes. When I do same thing in notch, copying keyframes on position channel Ctrl+U and paste them I get layer, object copy not keyframe but node. Also of course I use Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V as regular, but the same no expected effect. It’s look like I make something wrong about procedure of copy-pasting keyframes.

it would be great to be able make keyframe copy-pasting of selected keyframes like in AE.

Sorry about my grammar, hope you understand what I mean.

– Alex

Ah I see! You’re looking at the timeline keyframes. We are having a lot of conversations internally about features surrounding the timeline for the next release, I’ll make sure these features are mentioned.



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Great news! Will wait impatiently! :slight_smile: