How do I copy/paste keyframes between nodes?

Hi there!
I’m a noob in notch so apologies in advance if this is a stupid question.
But I’m trying to wrap my head around this for a while now and it’s a simple thing in any other 3d-software but I just can’t get this to work in Notch:
I want to copy the position and rotation keyframe from one camera node to another camera node.
Both nodes reside in the same layer. How do I do that!?
Help would be much appreciated :smiley:

think I figured it out myself:
in the keyframe tab I had to find the corresponding keys and copy/paste them one by one to the other camera. Not really intuitive though!
It would be nice if one could just select the parameters of the node in the node graph or timeline and copy/paste the parameters there. The keyframe tab is way to confusing for such operations - for my taste…

Hey There,

Yes you can do it that way or you can just copy and paste the attributes instead, you can even do multiple attributes at once by using the copy and paste icons in the attributes window, take a look at the video attached to see how.


Harrison :slight_smile:


Dear Harrison,

thank you so much for that tip. I apologize for not having found this out myself.
Sometimes you get this interface-blindness and you just don’t see the obvious.
Thanks again!

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