Keyframe data export


Does anyone know of a way to export keyframe data from a Notch project as text (JSON, XML)? I’m experimenting with Touchdesigner / Notch blocks, and I’d like to be able to access keyframe data for timing control in Touchdesigner.

I know how to expose properties and access them in Touchdesigner, but what I’d like to do is access keyframe data in Touchdesigner for a deeper level of timing control. Make sense?

Thanks for any insight.

This is an excellent question I’d also like to know the answer to. Would be wonderful to access data like this, similar to how Adobe After Effects allows the export of partial keyframe data.

Yes @dylanroscover , and if it was taken a step further, could open the door to importing keyframe data from AE as well. I read through the javascript API looking for anything related to keyframes, couldn’t find anything…

Some way to pass keyframes between notch and after effects would be very neat…

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