[Feature Request] Copy/Pase between different Notch Instances

Would be great to Copy/Paste nodes between different Notch Instances. For simple setups this would be quicker and easier than scene merging…

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Notch already supports copy and paste of nodes between instances. See http://manual.notch.one/0.9.23/en/topic/introduction-keyboard-shortcuts (Copy to Clipboard/Paste from Clipboard).

Ah, great to know! Wouldn’t it be easier to feature the function in the Right Click Menu?

And why not using the standard Copy/Paste hotkeys? Would be even more intuitive… Thank you!

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There is actually a reason its not just Ctrl+C/Ctrl+v - the way copy paste works in windows doesn’t give access to all the right data a node contains, and it would be pointless to copy paste a node without the properties matching.

Sticking it in the right click menu sounds reasonable enough, but I usually find myself using the Ctrl+U/Ctrl+I short cuts most of the time anyway.

Interesting, I thought Copy&Paste is fully controlled by the developer and therefore you can copy all the meta data you want.

I understand that hot keys are easier, but the Right Click Menu would help people (like me) that haven’t heard about this functionality :wink:

Thanks Ryan!

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It’s also worth pointing out that with a Learning license you are limited to copying 3 nodes to the clipboard using Ctrl+U. With a Base/Pro license, that limitation is removed.


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@rs3d Thank you for posting this. I had previously thought this was impossible for the same reason you did – it’s currently, er, a tad bit unintuitive.

Perhaps 10-bit can do a survey/poll on the Notch Facebook group (or newsletter, or anything) to see how many users know about this functionality, as well as other Notch features in general. Perhaps I am wrong and most already know about it - if so, hooray! If not, seems like some of the changes we’re suggesting here would be very helpful to the community, especially for the next big release.

Thanks all!

There’s no point in doing a survey because the functionality will not change due to the reasons @ryan.notch pointed out above. We do however do a lot to point this out across the manual, keyboard shortcuts PDF and elsewhere, but we can always do better. :slight_smile:

As for Notch features in general, we have a campaign coming up which is going to showcase a bunch of features that’s been in the software since even before the very first version that a lot of people are unaware of (like live network editing for example), so keep your eyes peeled on “the socials” for that one.