Control layer opacity?

Hi all, happy new year !! (a bit late)

Is there anyway to do a layer opacity transition from layer A to B with a little overlap) ?
or I have to precomp A and B into another layer to do that?

or else ?

thanks everyone!

Hello Momosu22,

If I understand correctly you want to transition from Layer 1 to Layer 2 correct?
Here is a short explanation about how to set it up:
First, make sure that you are rendering all layers at once, so untick Layers As Separate Effects tickbox. Projet > Settings

Then make sure that both layers are unsoloed:

Now you can change composite blend modes of the layers and they will stack as per any other layer based linear video editing software. Just choose Blend from the dropdown menu and use/keyframe Layer Alpha slider to animate the transition

DFX - transition.dfx (13.0 KB)

Here is a short breakdown video illustrating timeline basics. It covers obove mentioned technique too:

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Oh~!! I didn’t noticed this checkbox “Layers As Separate Effects” !!
that’s why I never found the way to set the alpha of the layer!!

Thank You Armin!!

One more question ( a bit off topic,

My colleague saved some useful bins, and I copy that .dfxbin to my local drive but I cant import to my project / layer, how to solve it?

just, copy on DOCUMENTS/NOTCH/Bin folder they appear on restart at the BIN menu, probably in the UNCATEGORIZED folder or just import Bin! Screenshot_17|251x500