Anchor Point for Image 2D

Hi there… have been struggling with this for a week now. I would like to scale an Image 2D node (which had a video clip attached to it), so that it scales from the top left corner.

All scaling happens by default from the center point. I am used to AfterEffects or even Processing where one can shift the anchor point to any location or to the top corner. Is this possible in Notch OR is everything governed by a center anchor point only?

I’m trying to fit content onto a display guide and need precision. It is very cumbersome to scale and then re-position every time. Scaling from a corner makes it all the more easier to handle. I have tried using a null, but maybe I’m doing something wrong??



Using a null is the right approach. Move the null to the corner you want to use as an anchor, then connect the Image2D to the null and Bob’s your uncle.

Bent is right, but I would add to his suggestion that you can expect best results if you use Image Plane instead of Image 2D. Here is a screenshot and DFX of the rig.

Rig.dfx (4.0 KB)

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Thanks Bent and Armin… that really helps. So just a quick query here… How are you able to snap the null to the exact corner point? Are you zooming in and adjusting? For me, I am trying to understand precision in terms of dialing in or locking to specific numbers etc.

Perhaps I am thinking of the workflow in the wrong way… because it is in a 3d workspace. Normally, I would have to contend with [0,0] being the origin at top left, etc. when dealing with 2D images. So was looking for those ‘nice’ whole values (non-decimal) that one can even remember when doing any locked positions over a display map/guide for say LED screens.