Alpha Channels - Adobe After Effects

Hi my team is getting random alpha channels on export from Adobe After Effects. It seems to happen in compositions containing no pixel information and only transparency - full “off” of black alpha channels are rendering as “full on” or white. Any known issues or fixes? Thanks in advance.


there may be several reasons why this is happening. Please upload a couple of files showing this issue, so we can look into it more thoroughly.


Hi @will.smith ! I cant upload files due to company IP but in the screen shots here you can see the source tiff sequence (with no rgb pixel information) contains a full-black alpha. Upon rendering to Notch the alpha is inverted to 1 (full white). In other words, Notch or After Effects is inverting the alpha of any comps without rgb pixel data. Also attached my After Effects preferences for reference.

@will.smith Notch render: