4k input to Diguise

Hi All

Apart from NDI what is the most practical solution to get a UHD signal into a disguise media server?
It seems it only can be done via a quad split sdi input - however I am unable to find hdmi or sdi converters to quad sdi.

It seems the Blackmagic Terranex can handle the conversion.

Do you mean from Notch? The best way is to export your Notch content as a block and run it natively in Disguise.

Hi Bent.
That’s for sure. But media servers does not always have enough resources availbale. And non-disguise servers doesn’t offer cluster render nodes (AFAIK)
I just finished a project where the vx4 server was running under 110% load ‘just’ feeding a bunch of led screens with linear playback content and 1xNDI + 1x uhh SDI input signals.

You can export proxy blocks to offload the rendering to another machine.

that sounds like a really interesting workflow - I have to check that out. How does it work internally? by Ndi?

And does all notch supported media servers accept that feature? (ie. smode)

So I gather that you recommend at all times to execute Notch content as a notch block / standalone / compliled for best performance?