3D Object Outline with Cloner

Hey all!
I trying to use the 3D object Outline on a cloner. My whole scene including the cloner works with the outline, but I just want the cloner to be affected and nothing else. Piping in the cloned object to the “Affected Objects” results in nothing being displayed. I am unable to route in the cloner itself(it doesnt allow me to connect it). Is there a way to do this that im overlooking? Thanks for any help!

Try to connect cloner to “combine geometry” node.

Piping in the cloned object to the “Affected Objects” should be working.
Are you sure “Deferred Rendering” is on?

There’s also another way to approach this using a Render Layer with it’s “Own Depth Buffer” on and applying the 3D Object Outline on it, so the Post-FX only applies to the render layer’s contents.

Like this:

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