Working with big mesh sequence

I’m trying to work with really big obj sequence, about 2 minutes long = ~ 100 gig.

Is there a way to tell Notch to reference to the ressource instead of copying it inside the project? It would lighten the process quite a lot. I also noticed Notch is taking a lot of RAM (9 gig for a test excerpt of 40 sec, 14 gig) which will not be possible when I’ll import the whole sequence.

Right click on the specific file in the Resources, and select Do not Embed Resource.

Yes thank you.
But now it doesn’t run so I guess my only choice is to wait 30 minutes when I open the project and buy another NVME drive!

Are you only able to use an OBJ sequence? Do you have the project file in a 3D app such as cinema? If there’s a way to export your animation as am FBX you’ll save yourself from a lot of these issues

Yes I’m using OBJ sequence and I don’t have the project in a 3D app.

I could try to convert the sequence into fbx using a 3D app to see if it’s more manageable.

It might be, but I have a feeling once it’s gone that big, converting it won’t reduce it’s size very much.

If I make an FBX of a static mesh and an OBJ, the FBX is a slightly bigger file size, but, making an animated FBX results in a much much smaller file size than the total of however many OBJ ‘frames’ get exported, sorry if this wasn’t much help this time around, hope you get it sorted either way

FBX doesn’t support animated topology, so you would be looking at Alembic vs OBJ sequence in that case.

Otherwise, the fbx is bigger because it supports more data type, e.g animated uvs, blend shapes, etc. smaller than an obj sequence when animated because its not storing the entire geometry per frame, just the transforms, when they change.

– Ryan