Can't see OBJ after connecting to node

Hello I am very new, i am testing some volumetric capture OBJ seq available from EF EVE , i import the seq, scale to .1 and attach to root but I don’t get the same results as the tutorial which is here Notch Tutorial: Using EF EVE volumetric data in a Notch project - YouTube
I dont see any geometry.

Please can someone help me?

thank you

Do you have any lights in the scene? Is the imported mesh really large / tiny?

– Ryan

Thank you, it seems notch did not like the volumetric video output from EVE IE capture software but i have another sequence working in Notch. Now i am trying to figure how to output the sequence as an fbx file, i have the geometry node attached to root and it bakes but nothing appears in the directory

Have you tried loading the mesh into e.g blender and seeing what comes up there? Would be good to know what the data inside actually looks like for a start.

EVE meshes are topology changing so I don’t think FBX will work. Alembic files would be the way to go for a different format.

With that said, OBJ sequences should work - if you could send the sequence (or just a still frame) to support, I’d be happy to take a look and see what’s up.

– Ryan