Volumetric Lighting... bug? Maybe no longer an issue in 1.0?

Hi team

As 1.0 is already out in beta for some, this issue may already be resolved but I just wanted to share this and see if it is a known bug.

I have a simple parcan (stage light) and a Light node moving about, I’ve actually removed the geomtery in the parcan that would be it’s LEDs so it’s is just open, so a Light can sit inside and shine out of it, with shadows on and a ‘gobo’ via projection image.

The first image shows what this looks like, with the scattering up high but no Volumetric Lighting node, you can see that the light source is placed inside the mesh and shines out just fine as there’s no geo obstructing it.

The second image shows that same setup with just a Volumetric Lighting node added, now we see the whole light.

adding a Pathracer and turning RT on makes no difference to this specific issue.

Any insight would be appreciated, I can share a project file with support if needed but maybe someone on here already has the answer too?

Screenshot 2023-12-30 115455
Screenshot 2023-12-30 115506

Hey Jamie,

Could you please share your .dfx to better enable us to help you?
If this is an active project and sharing is sensitive, consider making a light .dfx that highlights the issue.


Okay, I found time to strip out all the IP from the scene and keep enough stuff to identify the issue.

The issue got even stranger as I discovered that it only occurs with 2 conditions -

1 the Volumetric Lighting Node is on, as I described in the first post.
2 - the camera is getting it’s transform data from a camera node inside an imported C4D scene.

You’ll see from the DFX itself, literally just press 6, then 7, then 8 and the issue explains itself :wink:

volumetric issue rebuild.dfx (140.9 KB)

if you ever have a problem with IP / privacy, you can always email us in support where it can be evaluated in an entirely confidential manner.


– Ryan

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yes of course! Thanks Ryan. Have used your team a few times directly, not sure why I went through the forum this time, change of scene perhaps. Was that a pun? I think I need a day off.