Video file on a mediaserver

Hello again

i couldn’t find any documentation or help in this forum so far… I wanted to have a Movie that I use as a texture for some objects inside a notch block. when i export for mediaserver, as it seem to only preserve the Link to the File and does not add the file itself to the Block… where would i have to put the video file so notch will find it? is there a certain search path i can setup some where? (I dont want to pump the file from the media server into notch, as it is a part of the notch block)…I tested this in disguise…

Hey Urs,

Right-Click the file in the Resource browser, and select Resource Is Offline. This will tell Notch to save the Video file along with the project file, so you won’t have to worry about file paths anymore.



thanks… actually, my problem was that i rendered wit AE 2018 - wich supports no DXV and HAP / old Codecs - with an old preset (named HAP or DXV resp. ), per default it then always rendered with the animation codec … that was my problem… which is a little bit odd, as it works inside Notch but didnt with the Notchblock inside disguise…