Using a Hot zone to select a specific Kinect Skeleton

Hi All,

I have been working on an interactive installation using a Kinect Azure. Is there any way to isolate where the active skeleton is selected? The intent is to have a small area for the user to activate the experience and then use that skeleton. The problem with the skeleton is multiple users getting picked up with no way of specifying which skeleton should be being used.

We have now gone for the Kinect depth mesh and using a particle system with a mask (the kill box seemed to not be working) that is being used to trigger the start of the experience, which is working well but curios about any ways to get the Kinect skeleton involved?? Any thoughts would be appreciated!


There’s a couple ways you can solve this problem, but its difficult to say without looking at the project file. Could you send your dfx to

In general, its best to avoid the Kinect skeleton if you are putting multiple people in the range of the camera, as the Kinect will change which person to check at times. you might be able to use the sensor index to keep the actors separated, but i haven’t had any experience with that personally.