HotZone with Kinect Mesh, Cloners or Image for interactivity

Im trying to do a interactive toggle in some areas of a Kinect 1 view with the mesh or vextex cloners or clones to particles to feed Hotzone as Test Points.

With HotZone, yes, its detects the whole node, no an specific item of the Kinect Mesh. Im using Kinect Mesh for this and does not worked yet. Would be nice to use the mesh to activate some areas inside de Kinect view area.
I been trying also with the cloners, using Kinect Mesh to a Clone to Mesh and using Shape 3d to generate 3d objects clones in the area, but still dont work, I tried giving as Test Points (in Hotzone) the Clone to Mesh and also the Shape 3d, but nothing, looks that the HotZone does not work with the clonned shapes. Also tried with Clone to Particles using the Particles generated with Kinect Mesh.

I had success using Video Sampler and remapping with crop node the desired area. Video Sampler in the node uses 0.5 x 0.5 that represents the middle of the image feed I guess that 0x0 its the lower left corner, and the 1x1 its the upper right if I’m correct, I don’t know, maybe would be nice to have another node to give video sampler the desired area for analysis, for this I used Layer precomp of the whole view of Kinect previously cropped. Maybe there’s a better workflow. I assume that Video Sampler receives any image ratio and remap it in 1x1 ratio.

I will appreciate some guidance.

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If you’re trying to trigger a hotzone with a tracked hand for example, you could try hooking up the Kinect to a Skeleton and then parenting a Shape 3D to the bone joint in the hand. That’d then allow you to trigger the zone with the Shape 3D (which wouldn’t need to be visible). :slight_smile:

Or are you going for a slightly different workflow? I don’t have access to a Kinect 1 to test sadly but this did work using an Azure Kinect.

Yes, I did that also but I couldnt found the joint in the skeleton, I used extractor but didnt worked. I had success with Video Sampler assigning a trigger in a cropped area in the depth mesh.