Hot_zone and mouse picker need advice

hot_zone and mouse picker need advice. I will try to create a clickable button with a mouse pointer and a hotzone. So when you press the left mouse button, the plane of the image will increase. But there’s a problem - when i click outside of the hot zone - image plane still scaled up but “trigger” in Triggerable Envelope Modifier show me zero.
Any advice how to make it right ? Tnx!

hot_zone_test.dfx (88.4 KB)


Branch out a Delay Value node (set to 0.01 and Subtract) after the Hot Zone Extractor and pipe it into Value1 of the combiner. That worked for me.

What are you building?


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Thanks! It’s just a simple test for GUI.

Did you manage to get this working?

I still have the same problem.



yesy it’s works! thanks!