Target Input strength / falloff

I’m asking for use with cameras and lights but I guess this should apply to anything with a target node, is it possible now or could it be in the (not too distant) future, to be able to modify the strength of a target.

This would be especially useful for me for midi controlled camera rigs, but I’m sure in general it could have a lot of interesting applications…

I think there maybe work around. Try to get position x,y,z of the node using extractor modifiers, then connect each to smooth envelope modifiers, then input each to x,y,z position of null node. Null node is your new target. Let know if it work.

For now, I would do as @m.kaminski1 is saying. Take two nulls, connect them to a tweening null, they control which direction the camera will focus on. connect that to the camera target input, and you can switch between two inputs with the Selected Null Index .

We are looking at updates to modifiers and inputs such as this, so if you have further ideas do let us know.

– Ryan

Thanks, I tried something like this but I was hoping for something that I could move through and perhaps hold at a certain percentage value of the second target, rather than either on or off (ultimately the tweening null is still this, even with an adaption rate that creates a smooth or sharp transition, it still rests at an index value).

I could create another position in the tweening nulls that was set at a percentage between the two other positions, and have an envelope feeding into what that percentage was, then I could hold the target wherever I wanted between target 1 and target 2 (imagine these are visible targets and it’ll make more sense).

If I can get that to work, I’ll share it here, cheers!

@ryan.notch Will do, thanks!


Target Strength Mockup.dfx (40.2 KB)

Here it is - this is just with the X position and I realised after there was no need for the tweening null and children in order to test this but they are in anyway.