select all curves/delete

Been searching the manual and spend several houyrs on searching for a method to selct all curves in the curve editor so i can delete them all in one time.
Somehow I can t find such a command. Can this be done in the curve editor? Help appreciated.
I record a lot of cc s sometimes and when I want to delete 25 curves doing them one by one feels a bit silly. I am sure there must be a way to do this. But how.?
The manual does not say anything about it. Any suggestions?


Hi, Jane.
In fact I’m also curious why there isn’t a ‘select all / none curves’ menu item or a shortcut in the curve editor (e.g. ctrl+a). Why not transform your question into a feature request? :wink:
In terms of coding this is a pretty basic feature and should be very simple to implement.

  • Andy

Good suggestion Andy, perhaps I am a bit reluctant with these kind of things as I m still learning I am mostly not really sure if I might have overlooked something. Therefor my question. I suppose if you don t know either it is not implememted yet. I will ask the guys. :slight_smile: