Scientific data visualisation in notch, possible?

Interested in some pointers.
CSV data import allows to scale and locate glyphs to given points and based on their values.
assuming we have a dataset which includes positions and a scalar.
x y z and value for each line of the csv like
0 0 0 .1
0 1 0 .12
0 2 0 .1
1 0 0 .11
1 1 0 .13
1 2 0 .18

any idea on how to use the ‘values’ (4th column) to modify the colour of each glyph?
like you would do in a scientific data visualisation software like VTK?

is it something achieved with modifiers? cloners?
any pointer much appreciated
and thanks in advance for suggestion

It sounds like you are looking for the CSV array node - check out this quicktip, it should give you an idea of what you can do.

– Ryan

thank you, this is good and what I have done to date. However the data is all in 1 column, the value data. And that should map to HSV, for example changing H based on the min-max of the data. What the CSV allows is to map R G and B, which would require some strange formula to achieve the HSV variation. Not sure I am clear, but the real question is:
how can I from a single column of data derive a colour scale encompassing the rainbow?

PS H = hue so adjusting Hue based on value column

Okay, so colour is 3 dimensional so I’m not 100% sure what you mean by “how can I from a single column of data derive a colour scale encompassing the rainbow?”.
If you just want to use a Hue value within an array to affect the hue of all the clones, I’m afraid that isn’t possible. You’ll need to convert it to RGB values before its passed into Notch - something I’m sure most spreadsheet tools will be able to handle.

– Ryan

sure that is the approach I had found, but seems not practical nor versatile as one ends up baking the colours into the dataset while the beauty of notch is that you can adjust all in real time…
what about using the data and processing as a list and then serving to the CSV importer? or using Java or Python from within Notch?
otherwise it seems I will need to add a max or TD patch to process the colours before the come in…
Maybe a request for next version, rather than R G B, or in addition to, having H S V in the csv importer.