Importing point geometry via CSV or TXT files


first of all thanks for the great London Training workshop, really learnt a lot!

I have some point cloud geometry here that I generally export as a CSV file with point locations as xyx and color values as RGB.

Is there an easy way to get this into Notch (ideally without using C4D)?

I found a ‘CSV Graph Source’ node, but I dont think there is documentation for it.

Many thanks,

Hey Mathias,

I’m afraid you will need to use another 3D tool, convert it to OBJ and import it to Notch. You aren’t limited to C4D to do this - I believe Blender/Maya can import CSV files with a plugin.



Thanks, Ryan. I will find another way then.

One more question:
I want to place 15 lights in a radial grid, but the Cloner doesnt seem to work with lights.
Is there a way I can extract the coordinates generated by the cloner and pass them to the light sources?

Yeh the Cloner isn’t set up to use the lights yet, although it is definitely on our radar.

You could try the Null Cloning technique, where you use Null nodes to effectively clone a Light by parenting it to multiple Null nodes.

Attached is an example of this.