Procedural Mesh Wireframe Line thickness


Is there a way to control the thickness of a precedural mesh with a wireframe material applied? When I render in 4K, the lines are so thin that the whole glow effects doesn’t create the effect I see in the live viewport.


I don’t think you can control the thickness of the wireframe itself, but you could use an edge detect node to get control over that!

Another way is to use Combine Geometry. There is Lines on Combine Geometry node with posobility to control thicknes

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Oh! I didn’t know about the lines tab inside the Combine Geometry! Thanks a lot.

Now the problem is how to get the colors from the material applied instead of just white lines.

How about Use Vertex Color checkbox in those lines properties?
You can also keep mesh before combine and make combine in render layer with belnding mode
Keep in mind "Combine Geometry " is pretty heavy dude

I think I might be doing something wrong because the Lines are not getting the vectrex color although the Vectrex Color checkbox is on. Any ideas?