Problems with shadows

Hey started to set up a more interesting light set up, with geo-blocking the light and found this issue
Hope it’s not a bug and there is something i do not know about?

That’s interesting, could you upload the dfx?

Yes can send the Dfx if you wanted but this morning trying to recreate the scene ( build something else in the scene from yesterday)

I could not produce the same flaw, which I find even odder as I was trying out a lot of things yesterday

The only way to reproduce it is with sharp shadow map

This is what I was going for yesterday with soft shadow works now, but starting to think Mabey it was my scene scale, the object in cloner blocking out the light was too big compared to the objects the shadows would interact with


it’s difficult to say from just a screenshot, a project file would make this much easier to try and figure out. feel free to send it over to if your not comfortable sharing it on the forum.

– Ryan