UV camera - duplicated imgs

Dear All!
I have a quite urgent job, where I have to render the lightmap into UV map, I have to use light with raytraced shadow to avoid duplicated projection in the surface, which is quite strange, but ok, in the viewport it is ok, but it appears in a duplicated manner when i try to render it into the UV map (projection-map project). Do you have a clue why is it happen? Or is there a settings somewhere I should switch on in order to avoid it?
Any tips would be really appreciated!
Thanks in advanced

it seems when I use a light with a projected image - it always travels through the mesh - when I use light with raytraced shadow - it stops in the viewport (correct to do so), but when I render it with the UV camera - it ignores again - so the back side of the mesh gets the projection from the front lamp, the right side from the left - and so on, strange and a weird, it is like a circle/spherical attenuation around the light even it is a spotlight not an omni light, so it will project both side/both direction…

The light-coverage (attenuation) problem is causing the cross-projection in the inner space, which is still not solved, or unless the projected image is corrected within the light node in the program. Which would be useful for trickier projection-mapping projects for interior spaces (projected from outside is obviously not a problem).
I managed to build the same uv camera setup in touchdesigner, but in the end a talented colleague with an even trickier uv made the whole thing close (and saved the deadline)
anyway i’m waiting for your feedback, i hope you will improve the light, it would be worth it…

If you upload a project file it becomes much easier to figure out what’s going on - as things stand I don’t really understand the setup. I don’t see what you have all those RTT and image 2d nodes, the image can be passed to the light image input directly.

– Ryan