Png seq import problems


I have been importing png seq fine for half a year then a couple of days ago
I cant import?
It just says failed to load ??


Hmm might be my SSD cache for Notch that is full, just delete it all then I hope It will work

nope still dosen’t work ?? have tried so many things now really weird
And i really need to be able to load png seq

This all sounds pretty unusual - could you upload some example footage (either here, or to - will help me lot in establishing whats going on here.

– Ryan

Yes have been importing png seq with no probs for half a year
But no it fails no matter what i do, what drive or server i load from

Here is a better screen shoot, but it just says failed to load

Without example footage for me to test locally, there isn’t much more I can do but confirm that the file is failing to load. Is it the same PNG sequence each time, or is it a specific sequence that is causing problems now?

– Ryan

Let me know what you need?
No, it’s all png seq, either from my server or my different hardrives
It came after I downloaded the new update also loading big Houdini alembic seq was going well before but now seems more unstabel

Some example footage would be good - so a png sequence which doesn’t load correctly into Notch, which used to in some previous version.

Upload some example footage (either here, or to , and that will help me try it locally and see if its an issue with the file format or if the issue is specific to your setup.

– Ryan

Tom helped me, it was a bug in Notch caused by my rather bad naming scheme :slight_smile:


Haha I see - Always fun to find those. Good luck with the rest of you project.

— Ryan


Just to clarify (for anyone else reading this), we have a bug that means image sequences that are prefixed with a non-zero number fail to load. We’ll be fixing this for a future release.

In the meantime, if you had the filename “image_02000001.png” then you would need to rename this to “image_00000001.png” as a workaround.