Particle Parent Transform Weight Over Age?

Is it possible to modulate the particle “parent transform weight” by the particles lifespan?

so the effect would be the particle grips the transform on birth and as it gets older it looses its transform weight so as to fall away from the objects motion.

Hey Bradon,
It is possible yes, have a look at the attributes in the Mesh Emitter. Parent Transforms Weight Life Coeffs will allow you to do exactly that.

There are 4 levels to the attribute that represent the life of the particles. by increasing each attribute the higher the transform weight appears on them. Make sure that you have adjusted the parent transform weight first otherwise it will not work the way you want it.

So I notice those 4 numbers but I’ve never encountered a control like this before?

Looking at the docs it says values 1 & 2 are control points, but what are values 3 & 4. This is a pretty un-intuitive control. can anyone explain this better?

Mesh Emitter Docs

I notice if I lower the 4th value to 0 it sort of has the effect but there really seems to be a lack of user control here? I tried messing around with those values, didn’t really make sense.

What would be ideal is a more visual control something like a ramp widget to set the weight value according to the Birth-Death along the x axis.


In this way you could easily build a custom falloff ramp.

Hey Bradon,

That is meant to say 2 and 3 are control points for 1 and 4, I’ve updated it now.

It works as a bezier curve, with points 1 and 4 as beginning / end, with points 2 and 3 controlling the curve between.

But yes, a more visual approach would help a lot - I’ll add a feature request for this.



Thanks Ryan.

When you build the ramp widget you should also build it as a Modifier node so you can remap any 0-1 control values with a user drawn custom curve. This would be to apply a very Houdini like logic to Notch!