Notch Viewport Freeze Bug

Just installed the latest Notch Builder

Freeze issues appeared when navigating in the viewport.

No issues with 0.9.22.

Tried uninstalling/installing several times, nothing seems to help.

Win 10 Pro
GPU 1 RTX2070 Super
GPU 2 RTX2060 Super
Tried on studio driver version - 441.66 and latest 442.19

All other drivers are up to date.

Hey There,

Are you using a pen tablet/display? We had found an issue with them recently, and the next patch release has a fix for these. This looks like the same issue.



Hello. Thank you for reply.
Yes, I’m using Wacom Intuos Pro tablet!
Is there any release date info?
Or can I download previous version from 9.23 updates? legacy 9.22 is missing some of the crucial elements for me.

Is there a fix for this? Currently dealing with this issue.

Same freeze issue sometime still exist with a Wacom :-/

Hey there,

Could you send this over to We haven’t been able to repro this issue since it was solved, so if you could send a dfx and some repro steps would help us identify what’s going on.