Lately I have experienced quite a bit of Notch Builder PLE crashing back to Windows.

This is happening on 2 separate laptops. I thought perhaps it was my AV software causing the problem so I disabled that.
Seems to have improved slightly.
The problem happens most when I try to open a Sample, Template or a Project I have saved.

Perhaps it’s Windows related as both my laptops took it upon themselves to Upgrade to the latest version of Windows 10 Home, v1709, OS Build 16299.64

Both machines have the same version of Win 10, One of them has an older Nvidia GTX 670m, the other has an Nvidia GTX 1060

I have Notch class next week, so running thru all the Tutorials & Notch Academy Videos again.


Have you tried updating your GPU drivers or rolling them back to an older version?

I have recently updated the Nvidia drivers. Perhaps that is the problem.