Notch Courses 'down'?

Was just about to start the online courses after some time away from Notch and it shows a ‘505’ error when trying to login with my Notch account.

When attempting to login with my username/password it claims it as incorrect, although i literally just logged in to the website using the same details.

Any ideas?

They’re working fine here. You may need to register for an academy account.

Hi Nick, just checking in: were you able to access the course? We’re using Coassemble as a course platform and are in conversation with them about making login easier (you need to log in using the “Notch Account” button and not your credentials on the Coassemble subdomain. Yeah, it’s a little convoluted at the moment.

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Courses aren’t working for us at the moment. Getting a 500 error / refusal to load courses on two different machines, despite signing out / signing back in / trying all of the things.

Here’s a video recording of the issue in Firefox:

And another video in Chrome Incognito (and therefore ruling out cache / browser issues):

Hey Bent,

I’ve managed to get back in but every so often i’ll get a 500 error.

Hi Nick,

We’ve been tracking it down over the weekend, and there’s a long (and boring) technical explanation for why this happens. It should be a tad better now, but won’t be 100% cured until we do some system migration work later. Sorry about the trouble.

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