Notch and Oculus Quest 2

Can anybody confirm the Oculus Quest 2 and Notch are compatible?

The Oculus Quest (1 and 2) are mobile devices (they have mobile-phone-sized GPUs in them, and they run Android, not Windows), and are therefore not natively supported as Notch only support Windows and powerful desktop GPUs (you can find the requirements here).

However, there are a few exceptions, depending on how you define “compatible”:

  • The Quest devices do support VR360 video, including VR360 video exported from Notch.
  • The Quest devices have beta support for something called Oculus Link, which is a setup where you use your normal, PC GPU and stream the sensor data from the headset to the PC and the rendered content back as video to the headset. While we’ve seen people use this setup with Notch and report that it works fine, it’s not officially supported. So: you might get lucky, but don’t count on support :slight_smile:

TX Bent.
I was with you all they way untill that last sentence… don’t count on us for support… that one really stings. :joy:

Hehe, it’s hard for us to support every possible configuration of every possible hardware setup, and the experimental Oculus Link feature is one of these.