Mocap fingers / PN3

As I understand Notch don’t support Perception Neuron mocap fingers?
I was whole day trying to figure out why I cant use fingers. Trying with different rigs and setups. But found post in the FB group that told that there is not finger tracking.

Is this something what is possible implement soon? I’m working at the moment theatre performance situated in the virtual world where 2 actors wearing PN3 suites are interacting with the world. And not to hold or grab something its quite game changer at the moment for our production.

Premiere is in a month :wink:

We aren’t going to be able to add support anytime soon as much as we’d like to - we’re just very heavy into development for the next release, and don’t have the time or manpower to divert resources at this stage.

In the mean time, you might be able to do some basic tracking by getting the finger data to Notch via OSC or MIDI, but I’m not sure how you’d get the data out of Axis Nueron, and there may be issues with latency trying to do so.

– Ryan