Motive with Standalone EXE?

I made a project for Mocap by Motive.
It can connect with Motive on Notch Builder, but can’t connect on Standalone EXE.
How can I connect with Motive on Standalone EXE?

Huh Issac. We’re Motive users too. How are you getting data into Notch? I didn’t think it was supported at all - I was going to use another system to convert to OSC first.


EDIT - oh great! So yes then, I second Issac’s question and also - will I be able to get Motive streaming in when running under disguise/d3?

I know the OSC input is very useful way to control Notch.
I made a OSC sender app that convert Acceleration Sensor data to Notch OSC input, but I don’t want to convert Natnet data to OSC, because it will increase latency of motion update.
Anyway, I asked them next release will be fixed about this.