Hello guys,
I have a trouble when I stream mocap from motiv to notch,
The hands an the toes don’t act properly… have you ever seen this, is this a set up in motive or in notch?

Thanks you


it looks like the last bones in the mesh aren’t being mapped - although hard to say why. I’ve not used motive before.
Could be the skeleton if the rig doesn’t have the right bone setup, but it looks like a mixamo skeleton so it should be fine.
Could also be motive doesn’t have bones for those end points, so you’d need to go into the rig and delete those end bones. this might solve it in the short term at least.

– Ryan

Hello Ryan, thanks for the reply,
Yes in deed somes of the bones are not streamed properly. When I export the animation from motive as an fbx, everything work perfectly… but When I stream this thing happen…
The motive version is 3.0.1 and notch
If someone have the same issue… lets dig into it!!
Thanks you