Kinect2 get bones position

I would like to find a way to get the world position of the kinect2 skeleton ( for example, know the position of both hands)
Any suggestion on how to get that?

I’ve done this but through Touchdesigner into Notch. In Touch you can select what part of the skeleton data you want to read from and then send the xyz values into Notch with OSC. Maybe not the answer you were looking for but it does the trick!

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Thank you! I was thinking to do the same since in TD is so easy! But I found an alternative within Notch and posting here in case someone in the future will need it!
You can use the Extractor Modifier to get the World Position of the bones, then, since I scaled and translated the 3D model, I used the Expression Modifier to remap all the values, works like a charm!


I have tried your solution but it doesn’t work. hmm can you make a video tutorial or printscreen your node? Thank you