Kinect mesh optimization

Hey there,
I wonder how to downscale mesh resolution from kinect. {Kinect Collapse} modifier doesn’t reduce edges of the mesh. “Mesh resolution Scale” parameter of {Kinect Mesh} just crops the mesh. Downscale the depth image doesn’t help. What is the best way to get simplified mesh?

I’m not sure. Maybe you can output the Depth from a Kinect Source node and feed that into a displacement map deformer thats attached to a plane?

Thank you, Spencer!
It produces the extrude effect on edges. Is there any chance to cut it?

Hook up a material and use Flat Colour Generator with a Transform Image attached to it and set the Wrap Modes to clip. You should be able to cut out the parts you don’t want that way by playing with the position and scale of the Transform Image node and using a mapping node to move it to the correct place.