Cropping Kinect mesh

What is the best way to cut out the Kinect mesh edges?

Hey Edgar,

There are a few different ways you can get an actor in Kinect from the background :

1 : Mask the image itself.
Use the post processing tools to mask out everything but the actor you need. I think you could probably do a good job of this by applying a threshold to the depth map, so that anything further away than the actor gets cut out.

2 : Keep the space open and remove the background with the Far Clip Plane property.
Similar to post processing but a little easier, use the Far Clip Plane property in the Kinect node to cut out everything further away than a certain distance.

3 : Cull Deformer
Use the Cull Deformer to cut out areas of the Mesh that are unwanted (this can be a bit process intensive though).

You can get more advanced techniques with their own pros and cons, but these are a good starting point.



Thanks Ryan.
Yes, normally I use the Far Clip Plane property but I have many objects at the same distance around my main character(actor). The cull deformer works but it decreases performance.
I would like to just cut off the mesh and still playing with the emmitters around my actor, I don’t know if it can be possible with masks (post processing tools) and still seeing the emissions around it.

A good way to make sure that you use only the talent and no surroundings would be to use green screen, as then you can key out the unwanted data, if green screen is not available or it is a live show perhaps using Frame difference node for masking purpouses would help?


Yes, we have green screen but it’s to far from the talent (color reflections). The shooting was with kinect and HDR cameras but for the kinect the lens angle is too wide so we have a very small green screen on the back.
Frame difference node can works for the kinect-depth-video image but for the mesh around?
Here one screenshot from the scene.

Thanks Arminas!