Jump to start to Layer


I am creating an interactive installation, where the user can use as long as he likes.
For every new user, I need to “clean the screen”

By now I have discovered that I can “clear the screen” using the button: jump to start to Layer
(I don’t know if there is another option possibility)

I’m using a Web API as an interface, where I would like to add the button “clear the screen”

Any recommendations?

Not sure if it would wourk in standalone, but I use the “Home” key on my keyboard to reset when I’m working. Maybe you could bind it in your interface?

Hello @torbjornfernstrom

Home key works, thanks for the trick
Do you know, how can I bind it on the Web API ?¿

I’m afraid not, maybe @ryan.notch or some of the other devs know more about this?

There might also be another way of going around this. If for example your scene is based on particles, you could automate your emitter to stop whenever the person leaves your installation. A lot of nodes also have the “Active” parameter, maybe this is something you could use with automation as well?

In an installation I did recently I automated a “fade to black” between the scenes I was using. I think there are a lot of creative ways to go about this, although if you could get the home key set up in your Web API it might be more straight forward.

Okay, so the reason hitting home effectively clears the screen is because it doesn’t just jump to the start of the layer, it also resets the simulations for every node in the scene - so just jumping the time back to that start with a hotkey wont be enough.

As for alternatives… trickier question. We’ve internally discussed adding reset properties for simulation nodes, but that wont be coming in a patch release. I think there’s probably a few avenues which may work, but it will depend on your scene setup. Most likely you’ll need to use a combination of Javascript and kill box nodes to remove everything in the scene, and reset them to their original locations. @torbjornfernstrom 's suggestion to fade to black between scenes is probably a good idea to hide some of the change over.

– Ryan