Joint Mesh Distortion?

I’m runing into an issue with an imported FBX that I rigged myself in Cinema 4D. When I rotate the joints in Notch, the mesh distorts in a way that doesnt happen in C4D.

I’ll post two images to compare here
C4D with 45 degree rotation on Joint 1

Notch with 45 degree rotation on Joint 1

Any ideas on what’s goin on here?

that is super weird - how are you altering the bone? If you’ve got a dfx to share that always helps for figuring out stuff.

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I’ve uploaded the DFX and Cinema file here!

I’m using a null to control rotation on the joint in the geometry

Found the solution…

Nulls need to be connected to root, and also connected to eachother in an identical hiearchy as the bone structure.

Sorry for flooding the forum :upside_down_face:

Good solution! I was going to say, that rotation controller controls each bone independent of its parent - I’ll discuss the workflow with the team as it is a little unintuitive.

Another option is to connect the nulls to the “Transform Modifiers” input of the bone, and within the null set the Transform Modifier Apply Mode to “Add To Local”. This will rotate the bones locally, so the bones children rotate too.

– Ryan

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