Inherit transform channels

Hi. When I connect a Bounding Box or a Null node to an Image Plane and disable PositionX in Inherit Transform Channels then the Bounding Box and Null node is still in control of the attribute. I thought that a disabled attribute was taking the node back to self control for that attribute or does this work only for parent/child releations? I am in Beta 046.

Just tested this out for you. Depends on how you connect the nodes really.

I’m assuming that in your example you are feeding the null / bounding box directly into the XYZ input values?
[attachment file=19581]
In this situation, the inherit transform controls do nothing, because this is not an inheritance.

Inheriting controls works in a parent - child relationship. Think of “inheriting” something from your parents as a child.
[attachment file=19582]
In this situation, the inherit transform checkbox does prevent the null from affecting the Y position in the child image plane.

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