Inherited Positional Data is not passed on if not a child?

I have a setup with a null that gets its position from a spline follower. Now i would love to pass on those positional data (xyz) into another object (camera) without connecting this as a child to the Null, but directly connect the Null to the Pos X,Y and Z resp. It looks like the null doesn’t pass its position it inherits from the Spline Follower, it seems to only know its own position. Is there any way to extract that true positional data from the null it inherits and pump it into the camera without making the camera a child (because i want the camera to be connected to a childSelector to switch between the Cameras)?

ok, it looks like i don’t need the Null object and can use the SplineFollowers Data directly - i was not thinking abou that… but as I say, inherited position data is not extractable, I guess.

You can connect the null to the transform modifier input on the camera. Extracting world position is possible in experimental releases and will be available in the next major release.