How to rotate camera around OBJ

Just want to know quick way to have the camera rotate around object while always facing it. Kinda like a follow spline path and lock on target? Maybe a nice code?


Use an Orbit Camera, then move the camera so that it’s pivot point is on the centre of your object, and just animate it’s Rotation Heading.

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Ah Thank you! Totally missed it.

While I have you…Is there a way to make the tab window reveal all the nodes available so you can just click on it? Or make a preset window so you can have your fav nodes there? Adding nodes is so laborious in Notch. Hope that update comes soon.

Ctrl + E will send you directly to you node search field, where you type a quick keyword and get all the related results.

There is no way to have favorite nodes or presets, as far as I know, but you could use the Bins feature to approximate something like this.

Enable View > Bins to have the bin window always on.
Then right click on it and select New Bin.
Then, in your Nodegraph select the node you want and right click > Send to Bin and select the Favorites bin you just made.

This works for groups of nodes mainly, so you don’t have to recreate a specific camera setup, or complex material everytime, but works in your case, just as well for solo nodes, to lets say bookmark your favorite nodes, so you don’t forget about them.

I should add, that instead of manually positioning the Orbit camera, you can also automatically focus the camera on your object, by going in the camera view, selecting the object you want, and click the Focus Orbit Camera on Selected button in your viewport.

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Thanks again. Sorry for the newbie questions. Can’t wait for the nodes to work like Houdini or even TD.