[Feature request] UI/UX improvements

I have a few ideas that can easily make work and navigation in the application easier.

  1. Change the position of the icons as in the picture. Why? Because they are easier to find when they are always in the same position.
  1. search in node settings. Often I know what I’m looking for, but I still can’t find it, searching by name will speed up the process, a similar feature is in the unreal engine.
  1. Duplicating a group of nodes together with connections to unmarked nodes.
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+1 to Search in the Properties panel, or at the very least, a tab system for sections. C4D is a shining example in this regard with their UX property tabs, which can be selected in any configuration:

Just chiming in here to say that we’ve always had searching of node properties: it’s at the very top of the node properties panel and does exactly what you guys describe:


sorry to hijack thread but have a question about searching:
occasionally when I search a specific property, I can’t alter it when it appears as a search result. this happens most often with toggled values such as environment mapping and wireframe. is there anything I should be looking out for in order to avoid this?

That’s pretty odd, don’t think I’ve ever seen that. If you have a repeatable example of that, i’d love to take a look.

Naturally I can’t repeat the issue now, but expect it’ll show up again when I stop paying attention to it…

Thanks so much for sharing this, @bent.stamnes. Hidden in plain sight!

A magnifying glass icon would work wonders here… Also, the / keyboard shortcut would be icing on the cake, similar to Github’s search field. Saving users clicks is ftw! Cheers.

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It’s your lucky day…

From http://manual.notch.one/0.9.23/en/topic/introduction-keyboard-shortcuts:

Ctrl+Shift+E : Focus on the node property search box, so you can filter properties by name to find the property you want.