[Feature Request] Node List Search Bar Esc key

(If this already a feature, please let me know.)

EDIT: Ctrl-E toggles it. Still would be nice to have escape but this works.

It would be great to have the ability to escape or exit the Search Bar for the Node List. Ctrl-E or clicking to select gets us there, but there seems to be no way to escape it… at least not in typical form (escape, tab, return/enter, etc.).

Seems like this feature was added for the Properties search bar, so would be nice to have this consistent in the app.

Yeh this has been suggested before - I remember someone actually made their own once somehow, probably in the fb group somewhere.

I can’t talk too much about the next release, but we are always experimenting… :wink:


Yerh this would really be nice, was just about to ask the same