How to connect Leap Motion Sensor to Notch via OSC


Recently I made a little breakdown of one of my R&Ds, one section of it is dedicated to connecting Leap Motion Sensor to Notch using OSC signal from Geco.
I figured it might come handy to some, so here is a link with a timestamp:

Hello Armin,

thanks for your How-To and the tip for the Geco Software - this looks handy!

I tried Leap Motion SDK/Software 4.0 with Geco but it says no Controller connected even though in TouchDesigner it works fine.

I tried Leap Motion Legacy Software but then the Leap Motion isn’t recognized in windows 10.

Am I missing something obvious?

Windows Pro 1909

Thanks in advance.

Hello Raphael,

I had this issue too, but installing - LEAPDeveloperKit - 3.2.1 solved it, Geco is not actively developed these past years, that makes it a bit uncomfortable to use. Please let me know if - LEAPDeveloperKit - 3.2.1. resolves your problem.


I was having issues as well, but indeed Leap 3.2.1 + GECO 1.3.0 is working as expected on Windows 10 Pro 64-bit build 1909.

Ineed it solved the problem.


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Thank you guys for the feedback, I have noted this in the video description too, for future reference.