Problem with VR Trackers

Hello everyone,

I have been learning and using Notch for the past week or so for my studio, and I’m loving it so far! Unfortunately I’ve run into a couple hitches pertaining to building a standalone executable.

The installation we are working on with notch is an interactive one, and relies heavily on the use of a vr tracker to track the position of a player, and OSC to send commands wirelessly while it is running. My problems are the following:

  1. When I build a standalone application, Ive learned that my tracker doesn’t get picked up. Is there not tracking support in the standalone build? I know its not a tracking/connection problem, everything works fine in editor.

  2. I see an option to build a VR application, which then does pick up my tracker. But:

    a. I dont get any resolution options (I’m not seeing the options dialogue on startup like I am for standalone). By default it starts in 720p, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to fullscreen the app. I made sure in my output settings in builder that it was set to 1080p, with the same results.

    b. I am taking advantage of OSC transport commands to play/pause the simulation play head, but those commands don’t seem to have any effect in the VR application, while they work perfectly in the standalone version.

The goal with this is to have a vr tracker to gather positional data, use osc transport commands to pause simulation when a user wants, but still have the tracker able to move during that time (we want to add a camera to the tracker when simulation is paused). Is this even possible, or do I need to start looking at alternatives?

Closing, as this was also sent directly to Notch support and handled there.