Vive VR Headset Too Shaky to use for VR

Anyone else using Notch with the Vive VR system? How does your headset camera behave? Is it smooth?

I’ve been experiencing what appears to be shaky headset tracking data which results in a shaky camera viewing the scene. It’s almost like it’s out of sync or not refreshing the headset tracking data quick enough which results in steppy viewing. This even occurs in the simple Template projects.

I used to assume it was just my laptop not keeping up even though it worked fine. in other environments such as Unity and Touchdesigner. I’m no longer working on a laptop and have a new very fast machine. Nvidia 2080, 64 gigs of ram, etc It runs every other example beautifully and fast.

I would love to use Notch to make VR environments, but the headset tracking issue makes it unusable for me. I do use the Vive Trackers successfully in Notch and have a AR virtual camera setup working in Notch and it’s great.

Perhaps I missed something and there is a setting that sorts this out.

I don’t believe this issue is related to the problem I’m encountering with the Vive controller buttons not functioning anymore. I think the SteamVR Dec 2019 update broke that when Steam added the parameter binding system.

I’ve never had Notch working well with the Vive headset. For over a year or more.

Any suggestions? I’m hoping someone out there has a solution.

Thanks in advance.