Issues with OSC

  • Notch Builder
  • TouchDesginer 099 2021.13610
  • Problem: When sending OSC data from TouchDesginer into Notch via an OSC Modifier node, there seems to be an issue or conflict with the names of the parameters and not all parameters are reflected appropriately.
  • Reproduction:
    ** Configure TD to send two channels via OSC named “aSpeed” and “aSpeedStep”.
    ** Configure Notch to receive OSC via Protocol tab in the Settings window.
    ** Add two OSC Modifiers into the node graph with matching parameter names.
    ** Attach each OSC Modifier to a parameter.
  • Expected behavior: Each OSC Modifier can be observed to reflect the values sent by TD. The values in the OSC Modifier match the values observed from the Connection Monitor.
  • Actual behavior:
    ** The “aSpeed” OSC Modifier works as expected.
    ** The “aSpeedStep” OSC Modifier does not reflect the values sent by TD.
    ** The Connection Monitor reflects values sent by TD for both parameters.
    ** Renaming the “aSpeedStep” parameter to “step” results in the OSC Modifier reflecting the appropriate value.

That’s pretty weird - could you send a simple repro file, and any other supporting files (like the touch designer file) to so we can take a look?

I fired up new files to create a basic example and its working properly. I will go back and test my original files again… Sorta. I have started a subscription since I first opened this and that means I can’t open the original file made with the learner license.

I can’t seem to replicate this again with new files since moving to a Notch Builder subscription. I feel like we can chalk this up to “I’m still learning Notch and probably screwed something up” unless I can replicate the problem again.

Ah okay, probably not worth digging everything up to try and find where the mistake was. If it comes up again, do let us know though.

– Ryan