Geometry.Text not visible in DeferredMode + AreaLights with PhysicalFalloff


don’t know if it’s a bug but the geometry-text-node is not visible to the camera once I switch on deferred rendering and have area lights with physical falloffs. When I change the falloff back to legacy the text appears again in the camera. The viewport displays both types correctly. It’s just not visible in the camera. Version is: 09.23.170.

Any Ideas?

I’m pretty sure this should work fine - could you upload a dfx for reference?

it might be you just need to increase the brightness of the area lights, or increase the falloff range further.

– Ryan

Hey Ryan,

thanks for your reply and your assistance! How do I upload a dxf here? :sweat_smile:
I tried increasing the brightness but that’s not it. When I switch off deferred rendering the Area light with physical settings works just fine.

Hey, you can upload using this option circled below.

Alternatively, you can send the file to, if there is some sensitive data you can’t share with the world :slight_smile:

omg … that’s embarrassing - sorry: bug.dfx (29.0 KB)
just enable/disable deferred in the rootnode and you should see what I mean.
Thank you very much! I hope this helps.

That is a peculiar one… It looks like its tied to the camera in orthographic mode - although I’m not sure exactly why that’s happening. To get around it, I’d push the camera back a bit and increase the zoom - at far enough distances, it’ll look pretty close to orthographic.

– Ryan

Hey Ryan,

thanks for that workaround! I’ll give it a try or just work with the legacy falloff.