[Feature Request] Consolidate Display Links / Lasso buttons

Merging the Display Links as... buttons into a single toggle button would save real estate and avoid confusion (nearly every other toolbar button is a single toggle or pulse action). Same for the Lasso buttons.

At first I thought one of the buttons was broken/unresponsive, and had to decipher that it was paired with the button next to it. For seasoned Notch artists, it’s sensible; for first-timers, it’s not entirely intuitive.

Hi Dylan,

The Notch UI is currently undergoing an overhaul, and the action buttons are included in this work. As mentioned in a few other threads, comments on the super-detail level of the UI are probably not worth investing too much time into reporting. :slight_smile:

Thanks @bent.stamnes, stoked for the UI overhaul. Hoping that all of the user feedback you’ve received from this version of the UI makes it into the update!

We try to keep an eye on all the feedback we are getting, UI or otherwise. As for what happens with it, I cannot give any guarantees of course — we tend to look at what changes will make the most sense for the overall Notch user experience and for the broadest set of users.

So your idea of what’s a good solution to a UI issue might not match someone else’s (our ours). I mention this to set the right expectations going forward. :slight_smile:

@bent.stamnes That’s awesome to hear. I have no expectations regarding Notch, so no worries there :slight_smile:

I think it’s okay to have some expectations, Dylan. :wink: